About Us

CSE is an energy solution consulting group aimed at helping our customers maximize the efficiency of their facilities HVAC equipment. We focus on energy savings for both the private and public sector in HVAC design, build, maintenance and monitoring applications. With our patented A.C.T. software, there is no other provider who can give you real-time, detailed data on your mechanical equipment. We offer a magnitude of energy savings through detailed and articulate real-time data gathering and analytics. Our A.C.T. (Advanced Commissioning Technology) software measures and verifies all critical components and makes financially based maintenance and installation recommendations based on your Return on Investment.

With today’s rising energy costs building owners, operators, managers, and tenants are seeking ways to offset the cost of facility operations. Electricity is the most expensive line item in building operations overhead. In order to effectively reduce energy costs, we must first understand what pieces of equipment are working for us, and which are working against the bottom line.

Central plant monitoring and trending has been around for some time now and the ability to gather raw data is endless. Chillers and boilers are at the heart of every central plant yet the ability to reliably evaluate their performance has been elusive at best. CSE developed ACT, Advanced Commissioning Technology, to bridge the gap between raw data collection and utilizing that data to produce a result of real time energy consumption into dollars.